Marnys Trazamin Clordetox

Marnys Trazamin Clordetox

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Marnys® Trazamin Clordetox is a food supplement perfect for when you need an oxygenation*, to “clean” the body and an acid-base metabolism*, in the combat against oxidative stress*.
  • Contains natural chlorophyll from alfalfa and nettle, Chlorella, Broccoli extract, Iron, Ginger and Zinc.
  • Chlorella is a single-cell algae rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, which are the body’s alkaline reserves, important in acid-base imbalance (pH).
  • Contains natural Chlorophyll from alfalfa and nettles. Rich in vitamin A, C and E. The importance of chlorophyll in plants is well known, and is key in their photosynthesis, which is how plants feed themselves.
  • With Broccoli, believed to be the jewel of botanical farming. Rich in minerals and vitamins.
  • With Ginger, used in India and China since ancient times.
  • *With Iron, which helps produce red blood cells and haemoglobin. Furthermore, it helps maintain normal oxygen transport in blood.
  • *With Zinc, which helps protect cells against oxidative stress and contributes to normal acid-base metabolism.


Supplement Facts
Each vial contains:

  • Chlorophyll: 100 mg
  • Chlorella: 70 mg
  • Broccoli Extract: 30 mg (equal to 300mg of Broccoli)
  • Iron: 7 mg
  • Ginger: 5 mg
  • Zinc: 1.5 mg

Suggested Usage

  • Take one (1) vial a day.

* Food Supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. No medical claims are made or implied for any product and these are being sold as Nutritional/Dietary Supplements. Use as suggested or as advised by health provider.

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20 x 10 ml

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