PhD Battery +/-3 – 1KG | 25 Servings


PhD Battery +/-3 – 1KG | 25 Servings

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Key Benefits

  • Carbohydrate and electrolyte blend
  • Added BCAA’s and L-Glutamine
  • Helps reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Suitable for Vegetarians

What is Battery+/3?
PhD Nutrition’s Battery+/3 is designed to facilitate the window of opportunity that may exist in and around the workout period.

Who is Battery+/3for?
Battery+/3 is designed to be used by any type of athlete from endurance to strength athletes.

The Benefits of Battery+/3
The formula contains a precision blend of three key carbohydrate sources, all designed to assist the strength and endurance athlete. L-Glutamine and BCAAs, align the product perfectly for use before, during or after intense exercise with potassium to support healthy muscle function, as well as magnesium, which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue and contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism.

Directions For Use

  • 1 serving: Add 2 scoops of powder (40g) to approximately 400ml of ice cold water and shake vigorously for 10 seconds.
  • This pack contains 25 servings
  • PhD Battery+/_3™ can be used before, during and after all types of exercise. After high intensity weight training, it may be important to also use a liquid protein source.
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PhD Battery+/- Core Benefits:

  • Contains electrolytes, for example, sodium, potassium and magnesium
  • Multi-stage carb equation
  • Included BCAA’s and L-Glutamine
  • L-Glutamine and BCAAs, adjust the item perfectly for use previously, during or after serious exercise.
  • Potassium & magnesium to healthy muscle function which helps reduce exhaustion and fatigue.

PhD Battery+/- Best For:

Any sort of competitor or Athletes for energy & Strength.

Who are willing to gain muscle size.

Helps keep endurance performance during Training.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: When should I take this supplement?

Ans: 1 serving: Include 2 scoops of powder (40g) to roughly 400ml of super cold water and shake overwhelmingly for 10 seconds.

PhD Battery+/- can be utilized during and after a wide range of activity.

2: Does this product contain any harmful ingredient?

Ans: Food enhancements ought not to be utilized as a substitute for a changed and adjusted eating routine and sound way of life. Store far from youngsters. Try not to surpass the suggested day by day portion. Store in a cool dry spot away from dampness and direct daylight.

3: What is the age limit to take this supplement?

Ans: It doesn’t have any specific age but usually is manufactured for adults. People above 16 years of age are recommended.

4: Is it necessary to do workout for results?

Ans: No, it can be use without workout as it has multi stage card equation.

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