PhD Synergy ISO 7 – 2Kg | 30 Servings

PhD Synergy ISO 7 – 2Kg | 30 Servings

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Synergy ISO7 has usually been one of the entire sports activity meal replacement product in the market. Providing whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, hydrolyzed whey protein isolate and micellar casein. Fulfil the requirement for lean muscle gains, delivered floor oats to the carbohydrate blend, which provides to the product’s fantastic flavor and texture with premium quality carbs.

People have busy lives and it’s tough to stay energize and get protein consumption as much. PhD Nutrition Synergy ISO-7 can assist handing over essential proteins, nutrients and minerals

  • Complete Dietry Meal Replacement
  • With all daily essentials added
  • Triple whey protein complex

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Synergy Iso-7 Core Benefits:

  • Includes over 7.8g of BCAA
  • Complete Dietary Supplement
  • Over 6.4g of normally happening L-Glutamine. Alongside testosterone supporting zinc,
  • Contains nutrients B2, B6, B9&Vit C to help lessen exhaustion, further as ascorbic corrosive to help keep up the conventional capacity of the framework during and after extreme exercise.
  • Added taurine and magnesium to make an all new Collaboration ISO-7 that may help take your preparation, execution and physical make-up to the accompanying level.
  • With Daily Essential Added
  • All in one Protein

PhD Synergy Iso 7 Best For:

  • Synergy ISO-7 has been demonstrated to be exceptionally in trend with people and competitors that need to improve ideally and keep up a lean build.
  • Wellness Models, MMA contenders and weight lifters.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: When should I take this supplement?

Ans: Use 2 servings of Synergy Daily. Use 1 serving (approximately 2 rounded scoops) as a pre-exercise meal 60-90 minutes earlier workout. Use the second serving during the day when required.

2: Does this product contain any harmful ingredient?

Ans: No, The Ingredients comes from natural sources. The main raw-material ingredient is milk.

3: What is the age limit to take this supplement?

Ans: Whey Protein doesn’t have any specific age but usually is manufactured for adults. People above 16 years old are recommended to use whey protein.

4: Is it necessary to do workout for results?

Ans: Protein play an important component in helping to optimize the results gain from a healthy diet & regular workout.

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