Gas bubbles trapped in tiny tummies of newborn babies cause immense discomfort. In this state, the baby feels helpless and starts disturbing the parents. Infacol drops are a gentle and effective solution in giving the baby the desired comfort and calming families amidst a storm.

It has safer and gentler ingredients to cover discomfort and promote happier and calmer babies.

Trusted Choice For Parents

Simethicone is the main ingredient of Infacol syrup, which is non-invasive and does not absorb into the bloodstream. These characteristics comfort parents and ensure this is safe for their newborn.

Babies also take it happily, as it has a mild orange flavor. Parents do not need to strive hard to feed this to their baby.

One dose of it works on the spot, but regular use will prevent further gas build-up and give the baby optimal relief.

More Than Just Gas Relief:

Syp Infacol is primarily known for its wind-busting abilities as it removes discomfort to free you from short crying episodes of kids. Promote peaceful nights for everyone, babies and their parents.

It improves the feeding of kids because when the gas subsides, babies consume enough milk to boost healthy growth. It gives the parents relief when they see their babies relaxed. In other words, one dose gives your child immense comfort and confidence necessary for healthy and peaceful days and nights.

Usage Guide

This medicine is a reliable partner as it helps families navigate the early days more easily. Gentle and effective relief from colic and wind will bring a smile to your baby’s face.

All the usage guides are written on the bottle. Otherwise, you can get information from your consultants because human beings differ and can show different results.

Vitamins House presents you with the Infacol brand as it is a trusted source to get relief from colicky storms and give families the relief they are struggling for.