Nourishing Hair Growth From Within

You landed on the right page if you are not aware of the benefits of Viviscal tablets. It is the food that your hair needs to grow. The formula is clinically proven to nourish hair follicles from within. Daily use of these supplements gives you thicker and fuller hair.

The most prominent advantage you will experience about this brand is that it has a separate formula for men and women. The purpose is to address specific hair concerns in a better manner.

Viviscal For Men

The hair loss pattern of men and women is different, and it requires a specific formula to treat the issue effectively. Viviscal hair growth contains a unique blend of nutrients, including Biotin, Zinc, Iron, vitamin C, and AminoMar C. These have the essential vitamins that your hair needs to grow faster and to give it the health that they deserve.

Including this in your daily routine will help you to see visible results in hair density up to 52% in 6 months. Plus, it will minimize hair shedding and promote thicker and stronger hair.

Recommended dose: Viviscal tablets for men give you better results when you use them twice a day.

Viviscal Women For Hair Loss, Shedding, And Thinning

This supplement is the solution that addresses your concerns and gives you the confidence that you deserve. grape seed extract is the key component that this supplement has with the ingredients that viviscal men have. Antioxidants that are present in it protect hair follicles from damage.

It is clinically proven that you experience 37% increased hair density in six months. Plus, you will experience a reduction in hair shedding while having stronger and healthier hair.

Recommend dosage: This comes in the form of a tablet that is easy to intake and the appropriate dosage is twice a day.

Vitamins house sourced Viviscal in Pakistan to incorporate into your daily life and give yourself the confidence that you need.